Tiger Trackers is a Facebook game due out this year and I was part of the two person art team.
My main responsibilities were to create the buildings, jeep, nature objects, and miscellaneous items.
For more information visit the Studio Cypher official Facebook page here.

Megan and the Giant is an iPhone game currently available in the App Store.
I redesigned and animated all the characters for an update due out in late Fall.
View the official Megan and the Giant site by Studio Pepwuper here.

Three Trees is an iPhone game that I was the sole artist and animator on.
It is currently available in the App Store for purchase.
View the official Three Trees site by Studio Pepwuper here.

Waza is an educational math game by Six Red Marbles that I had the pleasure of working on.
I designed characters, created many animations, and did lots of sound work as well.
View the official Waza site by Six Red Marbles here.

Epoxy is a group project that I worked on as an artist.
In this game you try to escape each maze by rotating the entire level.
To view the official site for Epoxy and download the game click here.

Strawberries was a personal project where I took a child’s story and made it interactive.
It reads like a story book, has voice overs for the characters, and a mini game in the middle.
To play Strawberries correctly please right click here and open in a new tab.

Meet Different: Go Green was created in a three day time constraint for the Meet Different 2008 Conference.
Our group of six was split into two teams of three and each created a polished game.
To play Meet Different: Go Green click here.

Teletrust was created in a three day time constraint for the Masie Learning 2008 Conference.
I was an artist in a team of six that was given a challenge to make a complete during the conference.
To play Teletrust click here.