I designed these damselflies to be in a similar shape to the Ouroboros which represents eternity.
The damselflies are in a pose similar to how they mate and the overall piece is to show eternal love.

I designed this character for my personal project called Strawberries.
In the story she starts off as a very sweet little girl and then turns evil so I got to play with various expressions.

These characters are designed as a matching set of animals to be used in a children’s pop up book.
They were inspired by a Japanese trinket that I have and I used Adobe Illustrator to bring them to life.

This piece started out as an experiment with layering and ended up being used in the Lightning Bugs animation.
I am especially fond of this piece and will be doing more layered art for personal use.

Happy Glow Fly is a fun creature piece with lots of textures in it.
This was made using Adobe Photoshop and every part of the fly has a unique texture taken from stock photos.