September 8th 2011

Decided to do some Pokemon fan art. I always loved the legendary birds so I made a Zapdos.
My favorite part of this piece was making all the little color layers to add depth to his spiky wings.


August 23rd 2011
Astronaut & Aquanaut

This piece depicts the idea that there are two types of people in the world: Astronauts and Aquanauts.
Astronauts see endless possibilities out there and go searching beyond the galaxy to try new things.
Aquanauts see great potential in what they already have and push themselves past personal boundaries.
So are you an Astronaut or an Aquanaut?


August 22nd 2011
Cat Bus VS Magic School Bus

“When two buses collide where will you hide?”
I created this piece with the idea “What if the Magic School Bus and the Cat Bus ran into each other?